Road4Fame Expert Workshop

On 6 March 2014 METASONIC attended a Road4Fame expert workshop in Brussels

  • About 20 experts in manufacturing IT, including representatives from other FoF projects
  • Important IT capabilities for manufacturing were identified and ranked
  • Future research themes were identified and ranked/li>
  • The subject-oriented approach was proposed as enabling technology for manufacturing IT

Requirements Engineering Workshop @ FIMAP 24.02.14 – 25.02.14

Using the same methods as at TC Contact, in the second requirements workshop user stories have been identified at FIMAP.

Although this workshop concludes the actual requirements elicitation phase, requirements may evolve, change or be added/removed in the course of the project​ due to the agile development approach SO-PC-Pro is following.

Requirements Engineering Workshop @ TC Contact 11.02.14 – 12.02.14

The first requirements engineering workshop was held at TC Contact in Nove Mesto, Slovakia. The goal of the requirements engineering workshop scheduled in WP2 is to elicit requirements for the use case implementation based on the needs of the workers. This people centered idea was followed by using methods used in agile software development. In an collaborative approach using “user stories” requirements were defined in collaboration with the shop floor workers and the CEO laying the foundation for WP3​.

IMS Workshop Barcelona 05.02.14 – 06.02.14

​From the 5th to the 6th of February​ an IMS (Intelligent Manufacturing Systems) was held in Barcelona, Spain (cf. IMS Website).  SO-PC-Pro was represented there by the project coordinator Dr. Matthias Neubauer, who presented the SO-PC-Pro vision and exchanged ideas and visions with other IMS project researchers.

Deliverables D2.1 & D2.2 Use Case Definitions TC Contact & FIMAP submitted

Today the deliverables D2.1 “Process Automation” and D2.2 “Empowered Workplace Improvement​” been officially submitted. In these deliverables the methodology and the results of the use case definition phase at TC Contact and FIMAP are presented.​ They give an overview of the current situation at the company, give the rationale for the use case and the use case goals, and illustrate first approaches to a possible ​solution.

Thanks to the responsible author and all contributors.

Consortium Meeting in Trento 23.01.14 – 24.02.14

The second consortium meeting took place in Trento, Italy and was hosted by ​Fondazione Bruno Kessler. ​

The meeting was attended by all project partners either in person or by using video conferencing tools. Additionally, Nicolo Vin​cenzo, the project’s TA, participated. ​The main goal of the consortium meeting was to discuss the current state of the use cases defined at TC Contact and FIMAP and to further align and sharpen the project vision.

​​Furthermore, a first technical workshop regarding WP3 has been held in the course of the meeting resulting where first ideas of how to integrate the used technologies were discussed and tried out.